Company Profile

Since 1961, Yamaryu has long been recognized as the trusted food company of processed foods in Hyogo,Japan.
We are specializing in manufacturing high quality processed foods such as salted jelly-fish,seasoned bambooshoots and boiled soybeans.
We have been supplying these foods to foreign countries for more than 40 years in over 10 countries and regions across the world.
But we’re also proud to offer a wide variety of other wholesome and tasty foods for you to enjoy, many of them locally sourced.More recently ,we especially have strength in manufacturing additive-free foods.
Using these resources we are blessed with, we endeavour to provide food products from Japan that everyone can enjoy and bring good health and happiness to the people.

Greeting from president

Thank you very much for always patronaging our products.
In recent years, the speed at which the food cultures of the world are spreading has dramatically increased.
At the same time, sustainability and food safety issues and the related tightening of regulations have become prominent, with an ever-increasing responsibility placed on manufacturers.

Yamaryu will continue to progress towards the development of products, to deliver new, high quality, safe and reliable products to everyone and further contribute to the development of the food culture of the world.

Ryohei Tominaga

Product Information


We use large azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, soybeans from Hyogo and process them in Hyogo Prefecture.
It is slowly simmered for a long time, so you can enjoy it as it is after opening. No sugar, chemical seasonings or food additives are used, so you can adjust the sweetness whatever you prefer and you can add your favorite flavor.
It can be stored for a long time in a dry place with the temperature of 25℃ when it’s still not in open.
Shelf life :6 months after manufacturing date.

Menma(bamboo shoots)

Yamaryu’s Menma(bamboo shoots)is a boiled product.
It is versatile and can be seasoned as you like.
It can be used for ramen and various Japanese and Chinese dishes.
The raw materials of Menma(bamboo shoots) are made in Taiwan and are manufactured in Japan (Hyogo Prefecture) .
Some of them are without use any additives.
Perfect for vegetarians, vegans and those looking for additive-free foods.
You can enjoy it with confidence because small children to the elderly can also enjoy it.
Shelf life:6months after manufacturing date.


We are dealing with chewy salted Jelly-fish.
The salt is made in Banshu-Ako, Japan, which is famous as a salt-producing area.
We carefully use selected raw materials(jelly-fish) from Southeast Asia (mainly Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia) and process them in Hyogo,Japan in search of reliable texture and quality.
We carefully remove other ingredients that are not suitable for this product and we carefully manufacture each one by hand, from salting to packing.
It can be used for various dishes such as salad, vinegared food, and Japanese & Chinese food.
It is a long-selling product that has a track record of overseas sales.
Shelf life: 1 year after manufacturing date.

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